Neurosciences Research Associate

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Neurosciences Research Associate 


We are looking for a Research Associate with a background in Neurosciences, Autoimmune Diseases, Immunology, Neuro Degenerative Diseases or other (Multiple Sclerosis) related biomedical field in life sciences to help identify and build our global investments and research grants portfolio.
The research associate will prepare in-depth research to assist in the development of our investment strategies and research grant applications, and maintain this data in an efficient and timely matter. You are able to work independently as well as collaboratively as a member of our team to find proactive investment and grant identification leads generated through research tools and data segmentation in order to grow our strategic investment portfolio.
You will also assist Fund Management with active management of the portfolio of Foundation-funded biomedical research and pilot project grants, and other initiatives as needed. If you are interested in joining this newly established, ambitious and highly intrinsic motivated nonprofit foundation, with a strategic philanthropic investment model aimed at making a lasting impact and solving unmet needs in the neurodegenerative diseases area, do not hesitate to contact us. 


- a MD, MSc or soon to obtain PhD in preferably in Neurosciences, Autoimmune Diseases, Immunology, Neuro Degenerative Diseases or other MS-related biomedical field in life sciences, etc. 

- an enthusiasm for research and an intrinsic motivation to make a positive and lasting contribution to health care and provide real impactful solutions for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases 

- the ability to analyse and collate information from different sources (medical journals, grant applications, Scientific research papers, etc) 

- strong analytical skills and creative approach to problem solving 

- the ability to motivate the team and manage both internal and external collaborations 

- an entrepreneurial mind-set and are able to work in an environment with high quality standards 

- an excellent command in written and spoken English (required) and Dutch (preferably) 

- the capability to translate medical scientific data and papers in lay summaries to present to the Board of Directors 


Assist in managing our active portfolio of biomedical research grants and investments. Key activities include: 

- Collecting in-depth research and analysis of current and future developments in the field of Multiple Sclerosis and other nervous system disorders; 

- helping to identify areas of research that need further exploration; 

- proactively engage with expert advisors and participants; 

- develop action plans to address research gaps; 

- monitor news and other public information channels related to our focus areas; 

- review pre-applications; 

- conduct peer review of full applications; 

- advice applicants with guidance regarding applications; 

- Present Investment Proposals and reporting outcomes to Fund Management as appropriate; 

- Manage and monitor research progress & financial reporting; 

- Assist in maintaining, updating and improving the Foundation’s database records ensuring accurate and timely data processing; 

- proactively engage with researchers to ensure intellectual property protection, etc. 


- an exciting full time job at a dynamic philanthropic investment foundation with market competitive salary and market competitive secondary conditions of employment. The position is for one year with a possibility for extension. 

- opportunities for personal growth. 

- a career in life sciences at an innovative non profit foundation equipped with a philanthropic investment strategy which focuses on solving unmet medical needs for neurodegenerative diseases with an emphasis on Multiple Sclerosis. 

- the opportunity to be part of a new, young and highly intrinsic motivated team guided and supported by heavily experienced executive Biotech and life sciences leadership to make a lasting difference in the lives of many suffering from these conditions 


The Start2Cure Foundation is founded by Aat van Herk (top private biotech investor) and is focused on solving especially Multiple Sclerosis and also other nervous system disorders. Although this is a very steep ambition, it does reflect and embodies the mindset of our founder as hard work, perseverance and determination can lead to greatness. With Start2Cure we aim to take a leadership role by enabling medical breakthrough treatments devised via innovative approaches other initiatives and foundations might overlook. To accomplish this we want to support scientists tackling the toughest challenges in MS research on a global scale and invest in young talent with bold new ideas to initiate and stimulate transformative medical research. 

Our focus is mainly on neuro-restoration which is the biggest unmet need in progressive nervous system disorders like MS, however we are also interested in other approaches to solve unanswered questions relating to these kind of diseases. This can either be by making grants to enable fundamental medical research or via direct investments in early stage clinical trials. Eventually we want to fund a global portfolio of groundbreaking research carried out by individual investigators, multi-investigator teams, and inter-institutional collaborations. 


Send your resume and motivation letter to Boaz Spermon (Director) at
If you have questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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